Health Insurance Companies in Utah

Okay, when it comes to health insurance companies in Utah, Utah offers health insurance coverage through six insurers, with all counties except Sanpete County having multiple providers. This ensures residents have a variety of options to choose from when selecting their coverage. Having the right coverage is crucial. Whether you're an individual looking for coverage or a business owner trying to provide for your employees, it's important to know what's out there. We'll take a look at the top providers, what makes them unique, and what to keep in mind when choosing the best coverage for you.

BridgeSpan Health Company:

Check this out. So, BridgeSpan Health Company is a subsidiary of Cambia Health Solutions, committed to affordability and transparency. BridgeSpan Healthcare is new in town, only serving the Utah Marketplace since 2021. They got various health insurance options catering to Utah individuals' and families' varied requirements. Since they're relative newbies, they don't have vast carrier options like U of U or Molina. But, you know what they say quality over quantity, right? BridgeSpan focuses on providing essential health benefits, and preventive care services while keeping costs reasonable. Oh, and did I mention they got a super cool online platform for their members to access and manage their policies? Life just got easier!


Yo, check it: SelectHealth is the local Utah health insurance provider that's got the hookup to Intermountain Healthcare's hospitals and doctors. They've got a range of plans for individuals, families, and employers -- They've got it all. And let me tell you, their plans are the ones I help the most Utah health insurance marketplace clients with.

But, there's a catch. Their customer care also has the most complaints out of all the providers we work with. Maybe it's because their plans are so popular and the more people the more complaints? Or could be their customer service just isn't cutting it.

Anyway, SelectHealth's got your back when it comes to healthcare providers -- they've got an extensive network, plus extras like telehealth services and nurse advice lines available all day and night. And they've been doing their thing in Utah's insurance marketplace for years, a true fixture on the scene.

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company:

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company is back when it comes to health insurance providers. They haven’t been serving the Utah Marketplace for several years but re-entered the Utah market this year.  They’re recognized worldwide and keep it real in Utah with a diverse range of health plans. From singles to families to employers, they got you covered. Cigna hooks it up with top-of-the-line preventive care, prescription drugs, and specialist consultations. With their fairly large healthcare provider network, access to quality healthcare services is always easy-peasy. And their customer service is good too, plus they have innovative wellness programs to keep you in tip-top shape.

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah

You gotta hear about Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah! These guys are killing it in the health insurance game with a ton of different plans for individuals, families, and employers.  Regence has been one of the most consistent marketplace providers in Utah while others like Cigna have dropped out and re-enterend the state in the last 4 years. They cover everything from preventive care to prescription drugs and even link up members with the best specialists. Plus, their network is huge and they've got a lot of online resources to help you make the best healthcare decisions. Slayin' it Regence!

Molina Healthcare of Utah:

Molina Healthcare of Utah hooks you up with all kinds of health insurance programs funded by the government like Medicaid and Medicare. They got affordable plans that cover everything you need and are perfect for folks on a tight budget. Molina Healthcare comes up with the most uniquely structured plans I’ve seen on the Utah Health Insurance Marketplace. Although not as extensive as U of U or SelectHealth doctor networks, Molina has a pretty decent-sized network of doctors. They cover preventive care and even have care management programs to keep you healthy. Molina Healthcare has got your back with wide-ranging options and guaranteed high-quality care from all their providers.

University of Utah Health Plans:

Now let’s talk about the Big player for Health Insurance Companies in Utah… The University of Utah Health Plans provides top-quality healthcare services, boasting the biggest doc network in all of Utah. By working in harmony with the University of Utah Health providers, their health insurance plans ensure thorough and complete care for all. Talkin' 'bout access to leading specialists and medical facilities, with resources for care coordination and health management, they're making it easier than ever to navigate your healthcare journey. Now, truth be told, they're usually pricier compared to others on the Utah Health Insurance Marketplace, but come on, you pay for what you get! With the biggest doc network and fewer complaints about customer service, it's a solid yet expensive choice for all your healthcare needs.


Private Health Insurance:

Tips for Finding Affordable Health Insurance in Utah

United Healthcare Network is a leading private health insurance provider that offers a range of comprehensive coverage options. One significant advantage of choosing private health insurance is that it is underwritten, up to 50%  savings on your health insurance. Unlike other plans where premiums are solely determined by income or age, private insurance takes into account your health status. This means that individuals who maintain good health can benefit from significant discounts on their insurance premiums. By rewarding healthy lifestyles, private health insurance encourages individuals to prioritize their well-being and make proactive choices for their health. United Healthcare Network recognizes the importance of this incentive and offers competitive rates to individuals who demonstrate good health. This approach not only promotes healthier living but also makes quality healthcare more accessible and affordable for those who maintain their well-being.



Choosing the right health insurance provider in Utah is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. Each provider mentioned above has its unique offerings, strengths, and areas of focus. Understanding the differences between BridgeSpan Health Company, Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Molina Healthcare of Utah, Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah, SelectHealth, University of Utah, and United Network Private Health Insurance Plans can help you make an informed choice based on your specific needs and priorities. Remember to assess factors such as coverage options, network of providers, customer service, and cost when selecting the best health insurance provider in Utah for you and your family's well-being.