One of the best benefits that comes with private health coverage plan is MD Live which lets you call a doctor 24/7/365 it’s free and unlimited, and they can not only diagnose you over the phone, they can even issue a prescription. This is a great way to help you save time and money, as well as potentially avoid having to go to the ER for non-emergency health issues just because other clinics are closed.


Below are the details on how to set up your MD Live:

  1. Download the MD Live App to your smartphone (it is the orange icon that has MD in white letters on it) or go to
Visit an urgent care doctor, counselor, psychiatrist or dermatologist by secure video on your computer, tablet, or phone. Book an appointment from anywhere, 24/7

1.   Fill out your personal information that it asks for

    1. IMPORTANT: Make sure you sign-up using the same email address that you have on file with the insurance company or it will have trouble locating you. If you don’t remember what it is, call US Health Group at 1-800-387-9027

2.  On the section where it asks "Do you receive MDLIVE as a benefit through an employer, insurance provider or organization?” select “Yes"


3.  Where it asks for “Benefit Provider Search” search for or type in "American Business Coalition (ABC)” and then click Verify


4.  Once verified finish setting up your account and then you can start using it!


5.  Once your account is setup you can add other family members to it that were signed up on it previously on your insurance application.


How to use:

  1. The website/app will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the service.

If you have any questions or issues setting up or using the service, you can call MD Live customer service at 1-800-400-6354.


Hope you enjoy this great benefit!


Chris Comstock    435-513-6998