You can now order free COVID-19 tests from the U.S. government

free, at-home, COVID tests

The government launched the website where Americans can order free COVID-19 tests.
How does it work?  The short answer is it's very easy.  You can call or go on the website to order them, but don't expect prompt, delivery. 

500 Million at-home Tests

The president announced last year. The U.S. was buying 500 million at-home tests to make sure every American could get one.  Now another five hundred million have been ordered. 

The Easiest Way to Order Free COVID-19 Tests

is go to http://COVIDTESTS.GOV which will take you to the postal service website with one click, and then you fill out the form.  You can order four free tests for your household in just a couple of clicks.  If you want to receive tracking information, just submit it, and you should get a confirmation that tests are going to be sent your way., I think testing is a good resource.. and I would encourage people to have antigen tests on hand in their house.  Easier said than done when finding one locally is akin to a scavenger hunt..

I ordered the tests myself and it took about 1 minute.  All you have to do is plug in your info and, you'll be told that your pack of four at-home tests has been ordered at no cost.

Delayed Shipping

Now the catch is, that tests likely won't be shipped for seven to 12 days after you order them.  This means you shouldn't be relying on this order if you need a test right away.  The government wants people to have these on hand.  (I'm sure there is a little cash being handed around)  If there are any further delays because of demand, USPS staff shortages, or weather, you could be reimbursed for any tests you buy out-of-pocket.

I didn't have any problems.  An early problem people have come across was ordering from apartment buildings.  The system thinks those are duplicate orders and the early advice on that is to enter your apartment number on the second address line and that should solve the issue. 

Health Insurance For at-home COVID Test

Most private insurance will cover up to $ 12.00 per at-home COVID test for up to 8 COVID tests per person per month.. So if you do manage to find one, it will either be covered by insurance at checkout, or you can file a claim.