Maximizing Your Medicare Benefits In Utah

Maximizing Your Medicare Benefits In Utah

Maximizing Your Medicare Benefits In Utah

Hey there, are you wondering if Utah can give you a helping hand with your Medicare premiums? Well, guess what? You might be eligible for a Medicare Savings Program (MSP)! In Utah, these programs provide financial support that covers everything from Medicare Part A and B cost-sharing to Part B premiums.

There are three types of MSP you may qualify for, including Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB), Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB), and Qualified Individuals (QI). Each of these programs has its unique limits based on income levels, and the asset limit for all is $7,860 if single and $11,800 if married.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out if you're qualified to take advantage of these programs and lower your Medicare costs!  Utah Department of Health, Medicare counseling programs, and local organizations that offer assistance.

Maximizing Your Medicare Benefits In Utah

Resources and Assistance for Utah Medicare Beneficiaries

7- Tips for Maximizing Your Medicare Benefits in Utah

1. Save on Prescriptions

Medicare Part D doesn't cap out-of-pocket spending, forcing users to pay hefty costs beyond coverage. One option for reducing drug prices is paying cash at big-box stores like Costco. Stick to your "preferred" pharmacy and check the formulary to find lower-cost options. Talk to your doctor before switching medications.


2. Advocate for your Rights

Medicare's home health benefit didn't cover Eugene's rare genetic condition and the couple had to administer his plasma infusions themselves. Denied Medicare benefits can be fought with support from state health insurance assistance programs (SHIP), doctors, and patient advocacy groups. The quarterly Medicare summary notice should be reviewed for appeals, and beneficiaries should take advantage of expedited reviews if they suspect that they're being discharged too soon.

Take Freebies Offered by Medicare

3. Take Freebies Offered by Medicare

Get free Medicare preventive services, including cardiovascular disease and depression screenings, smoking cessation counseling, and flu and pneumonia vaccines. You're also eligible for a free "welcome to Medicare" preventive visit within 12 months of having Medicare Part B. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer free wellness benefits, such as SilverSneakers membership for seniors.


4. Explore Money-Saving Programs

"Explore money-saving programs for seniors with limited income such as Medicare Savings and State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs. Eligibility varies by state but those who have built up a nest egg may qualify. Contact your SHIP or go to to see if you qualify.”

5. Understand Medicare Home Health Benefits

Medicare's home health care benefit can be confusing to understand. Skilled services are required, and being "homebound" is necessary. Even if patients meet these requirements, benefits may be inappropriately denied. Improvement is not necessary for home health coverage.

6. Medicare Hospice Benefit

Medicare beneficiaries with terminal illness who use hospice benefit can receive healthcare services, medication and care at home. Hospice doesn't cover treatments to cure your illness, but can allow you to receive other treatments.

7. Choose the Right Medicare Provider

For those on original Medicare, choosing the right provider is crucial. Almost all providers accept assigned Medicare payment amounts, but nonparticipating and opt-out providers can charge extra. The Medicare website can help you find providers that accept Medicare payments. For Medicare Advantage plans, check the provider network to find in-network doctors.  I recommend a quick phone call to the doctor’s office, just to be sure.

Choose the right Medicare Provider