“Understanding Utah Group Health Insurance”

Health insurance is like a trusty sidekick for employers. In Utah, the group option is all the rage, offering a one-two punch of affordable healthcare and comprehensive coverage for the crew. This blog post is here to spill the tea on the benefits of Utah group health insurance, the various plans on offer, and how business bosses can pick the best health coverage for the team.

Benefits of Utah Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance has your back, gifting employer and employee alike a matchless present of accessible healthcare. Group plans are usually cheaper for peeps than individual ones, and with contributions from bosses, employees are even more well-positioned to smile. Plus, they offer top-tier coverage, all the while sticking to the Affordable Care Act's must-haves, including hospitalization, prescription drugs, and preventative care.

Types of Utah Group Health Insurance Plans

If you're in Utah, there's no shortage of group health insurance plans to choose from. There are several types of group health insurance plans available in Utah. The most common types include:

  1. Small Group Health Insurance Plans: These plans are designed for businesses with 2-50 employees. They can be more affordable than individual plans.
  2. Large Group Health Insurance Plans: These plans are designed for businesses with more than 50 employees. They offer similar coverage to small group plans but may have different pricing structures.
  3. Self-Insured Group Health Insurance Plans: These plans are funded by the employer rather than an insurance company. Self-Insured group plans allow for more flexibility and cost-effectiveness (remember, with risk comes reward).

Choosing the Right Utah Group Health Insurance Plan

Group Health Insurance Plans

When it comes to selecting a plan, the bottom line is often the deciding factor. Take note of the costs of premiums and deductibles for both you and your employees. Stay creative and search for the plan that best suits your team's needs!


Look for a plan that has acceptable deductibles.  Deductibles can mean the difference between getting coverage benefits or not being covered at all.  Each person is going to have different coverage needs such as prescriptions, blood work, and rehabilitation.  Know your family's needs and choose the plans that work best for those.  (you can get different health insurance plans for individual family members. There is no discount for having multiple people on the same plan)


Consider whether the plan allows employees to choose their own doctors or requires them to use a specific network.  I always recommend a PPO network.  Some Utah group health insurance plans are on PPO doctor networks which offer flexibility to use any doctor or facility.  Ask for a PPO.

Employee needs:
Employee needs:

Take into account the healthcare needs of your employees and their families.  Most importantly, you must consider how group plans make employees and their families in eligible for subsidized plans.  I've seen this too many times to count.  The employee's family would've qualified for free insurance but their employer offered them a group plan.  In some cases, HRAs are an excellent option for employers wanting to offer benefits.


Ensure that the plan complies with all state and federal regulations.


Utah group health insurance plans provide essential healthcare coverage to employees of all types of businesses. By offering group health insurance, employers can provide access to affordable healthcare and attract and retain top talent. When choosing a plan, it's important to consider factors such as cost, coverage, and flexibility. By doing so, employers can select a plan that meets the needs of their business and their employees.

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